Mid Twenties Transition Periods (My Tips)

In life we go through a ton of transitional periods. For me, the first one was when I was 18 years old graduating from high school, the next was when I was 22 graduating from college, and the one that I’m dealing with right now is approaching my 25th birthday + moving on from my first “real job” out of college. At first, I was a little panicked over the changes that were happening in my life. My friendships have changed, schedule, home, goals, responsibilities, etc. — However, I’m now finding a lot of peace in all of it, and I wanted to share some of my tips on how I started to feel more comfortable.

Life is Chaotic

At the moment my life feels chaotic, but I know that this chaos is necessary in order for my life to be re-organized. Without these changes happening, I wouldn’t be growing as a person, and I wouldn’t reach any of my goals. I would be stuck in situations that are comfortable, and we all know magic happens outside of your comfort zone! You just have to trust that these changes will benefit your future self & don’t freak out in the meantime!

 Outgrowing Friendships

This is something that I’m dealing with heavily right now and it isn’t easy. Sometimes as you are growing into the person that you want to become, you lose the connection that you once had with someone. You start to realize your differences and it becomes unhealthy to hang around people that don’t understand you / accept you + your new values. My tip is to keep these friendships at a distance and move on. Sounds harsh, but there is really no point in hanging around people who are negative and don’t lift you up. Making new friends as an adult is awkward sometimes, but it’s worth messaging someone to grab coffee, or joining new activities to find a new group of friends!

New Goals

I used to think that at 25 years old I would be married, in the prime of my career, living in California, and possibly getting ready to have a baby. WOW. That is so off from my life! My goals have really shifted, and obviously, it can be a little hard to accept that you aren’t exactly where you wanted to be. It can also be hard to accept that you don’t want the same things that you used to want! My tip is to evaluate where you are, create new goals for yourself, but be flexible.

Body / Mind is Changing

I know 24 is still young, but I’ve noticed that my body is changing and it kind of freaks me out! When I drink, I literally have a hangover the entire next day. Sometimes my ankles make cracking sounds when I walk, and I can feel how hard my knees are working when I’m on the elliptical at the gym. Eating poorly literally KILLS my stomach for three days. This is the sh*t people don’t tell you about! My mind has changed a lot too because I can’t even pretend to care when someone is spewing their nonsense to me. I can see right through it, and my face will literally show that I don’t care! I used to at least pretend to care in my early twenties lol. It is so easy for me to know what I like, and what I don’t like now. I used to be so indecisive — so this new mindset is weird for me. My advice with all of these changes is to just go with it. Be good to your body, take care of yourself, meditate. Accept that your body isn’t the same as it was when you were 18 – 21 and be kind to yourself.

Leaving Your Job

After college everyone scrambles to take any job that they can get. I was with you on that. In your mid twenties, you might be leaving your job for a new one, or at least thinking about it. In my case, I decided to leave my job to start my own business + put more time into blogging. I started to realize that my current position wasn’t leading me to the career that I wanted for myself. I won’t sugar coat this — it was SO scary leaving my job & I woke up in a panic attack for almost three weeks straight. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, but once it happened, I was like “oh wow… well… this is intimidating!” After the initial shock, I now realize that it was the best decision that I could have ever made for myself. My advice? You’re still young and you should go after your dreams. This doesn’t mean quit your job tomorrow + never look back hahah but it means — make a secure exit plan and go after it!


I hope these tips can help you, and make you feel like you’re not alone in all of this mid 20s stuff. At least we know how to handle our alcohol now? + We kind of know who we are? hahah You are doing better than you think you are. Transition periods are tough, but it will pass! Try to stay positive through it all.

xo – Hannah 



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