Lash Extensions Q&A


Girllll, I can’t live without my lash extensions! I’ve been getting some questions about them so I decided to do a quick Q&A. If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below or on instagram! Just DM me xoxo

How long does it take?

Normally it takes two to two and a half hours to get a full set. Refills take 45 min to an hour.

Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not super comfortable either. It just feels odd. However, your eyes are closed the entire time, & I find this to be relaxing. I almost fall asleep sometimes.

Why are your eyes puffy the first day?

My eyes are always irritated the first day that I have them. When someone is working so close to your eyes for hours, it’s probable that this can happen. The irritation goes away after a day or so.



How do you take care of them?

After you get them, you can’t get them wet for 24 hours. After that, it’s fine to shower etc. They’re easy to maintain! Don’t brush them when they’re wet, but make sure to brush them every day in the morning and at night. There are lash washes available to use as well. Oh, & don’t wear mascara! This will ruin your lashes super quick.

How long do they last?

If done correctly, they should last 2 weeks or longer.

How much are they?

It depends on where you go, but they’re normally $100-$200 for the full set. Fills are $50 – $80 depending on how many weeks you wait to get them filled!

What are the different styles?

There are tons of different combinations, there is literally something for everyone! Styles include: Classic style — which is more natural. Volume style — which is super glam. & Hybrid style — mixture of classic + volume which gives a natural yet glam look.

What kind of lashes do you get?

I get the hybrid of classic lashes mixed with volume lashes. I like them to be noticeably long but natural.

Where should I get them done?

I would check out google to see which salons are recommended in your area & check their instagram feed to get a vibe on the place. If you are living in Pittsburgh — I’ve gone to Deka Lash, House of L’Ashley, & Eye Candy Lash Studio. They are all amazing!



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