Laser Hair Removal Before + After!

In July of 2018 I decided to go ahead and get laser hair removal on my armpits, upper lip, and bikini line. My entire life I have always been self-conscious due to my armpit hair being so much darker than my skin tone. Even after I would freshly shave, the stubble of the hair was still noticeable and left a dark looking shadow. I never raised my hands up in confidence because of this issue. So, I checked out Sistine Plastic Surgery in Highland Park. 

I went in for a consultation and asked all of my questions about Laser Hair to Dr. Leong MD. He made me feel comfortable and was very knowledgable about laser hair reduction. I really liked the office and everyone was super friendly so I felt good about trusting them with the procedure. I decided to film my entire process for you guys so you could see exactly what it is like! I loved seeing the hair disappear a little more after each session. They recommended that I do 6 treatments — 1 treatment every four weeks. Overall, it took me from July 2018 to January 2019 to finish up my sessions!

The question I get asked the most about my laser hair treatments is: “Does it hurt?” My answer is: It doesn’t hurt because of the numbing cream that they give you. I imagine it would be more painful if you didn’t have numbing cream! Check out my YouTube video below to learn more! & To see the before / after!!

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